User Interface

Customizable Graphical User Interface

Enhanced Direct X Graphics

Multiple Views

Quick Navigation and Data Management


Wide Array of Templates

Model Explorer Functionality

Model Views

Analytical Model

Physical Model

Multiple Grid System Definition

Enhanced Drafting Utilities

Plans and Elevations

Developed Elevations to Generate Custom Elevations


Comprehensive Interactive Database Editing

Wide Array of Meshing Tools

Object Based Meshing

External Meshing

Line Constraints

Building Components


Beams, Columns, Braces

Section Properties / Section Designer

Section Designer

Shell Elements (Walls, Floors, Ramps)

Shear Walls

Wall Stacks

Piers / Spandrels

Link Elements

Floor Diaphragms

Nonlinear Link Elements: Gaps and Hooks

Nonlinear Link Elements: Plasticity, Dampers, Isolators

Automated Buckling Restrained Brace (BRB) modeling (CoreBrace)

Friction-spring hysteretic damper and Bilinear Maxwell oil damper property

Nonlinear Hinges

Single Degree-of-Freedom Frame Hinges

Isotropic PMM Frame Hinge

Parametric PMM Frame Hinge

Fiber Frame Hinges

Fiber Wall Hinges

Modeling Hinges as Links for FNA

Nonlinear Layered Shell Element

Design Strips

General Design Strips

Automatic Width Strips

Post-Tensioning (P/T)

Autostrip and Layout


Automated Code Based Loading



Point, Line, Area, and Thermal Loads


Live Load Reduction

Force / Moment

Open Structure Wind Loading

Pattern Loading


Tendon Loads and Losses


SAPFireTM Analysis Engine

Eigenvector Analysis

Ritz- Vector Analysis

Mulitple 64-Bit Solvers

Wide Array of Dynamic Analysis Tool

Response Spectrum

Linear Modal Time History

Linear Direct Integration Time History

Static Analysis



Pushover Analysis

Staged Construction

Single Stage from Initial State

Multiple Stages

Change Sections

Change Stiffness Modifiers

Change Frame Releases

Time Dependent Stiffness

Creep and Shrinkage

Load Cases and Combinations

Model Alive

Nonlinear Analysis

Wilson FNA (Fast Nonlinear Analysis) Method

Direct Integration Time History

Material Nonlinearity - Frame, Hinges and Links

Geometric Nonlinearity - Large Displacement

Performance-Based Design

Stable and Fast Nonlinear Analysis (FNA) implemented for PBD

Automated Nonlinear Hinges in Shear Walls-Based Upon User/Design Reinforcing

Steel and Concrete Material Models with Performance Levels (confined and unconfined)

Steel and Concrete Fiber Models for Shear Walls and Columns

Automated PBD Hinges and Procedures Based upon ASCE 41-13

D/C Ratio Plots and Tables for Fast Performance Evaluation

Material Strain as Performance Measure for D/C Ratios

Several New Hysteresis Options for Nonlinear Hinges

Options for Hysteretic Stiffness and Strength Degradation

Quasi-static (Dynamic) Option for Static Pushover Analysis of Complex Models

Generalized Displacement Constraints for Strain Evaluation

Output Averaging of Responses over Several Time History Runs


Steel Frame Design

Concrete Frame Design

Composite Beam/Column Design

Shear Wall Design

Steel Joist Design

Concrete Slab Design

Strip Based Slab Design

FEM Based Slab Design

Punching Shear Check

Post-Tensioning Stress Checks

Output and Display

Analysis Results

Deformed Shape

Shell Force and Stress Contours

Reaction Diagrams

Section Cuts

Video Animations

Tabular Output

Report Generation

Customized User defined Reports

Design Output reports

Import and Export

BIM Product Interaction

AutoCAD®and BricsCAD®




Application Programing Interface

Multiple Lanuage Support

Build Custom Plugins

Cross Product Development