Released 7-Jul-2023

Release Notes



Learn more about the latest enhancements in SAP2000 v25.0.0.

User Interface


A tree-structured Model Explorer has been added for faster navigation around the model. This can be used to define and assign properties and loads, review model geometry, control the display, and perform other functions. 

Structural Model


Frame hinge assignment presets, including distributed plasticity, are now available.



Auto-wind load, auto-seismic load, and response-spectrum functions based on ASCE 7-22 have been added.


Auto-wind load, auto-seismic load, and response-spectrum functions based on NBCC 2020 have been added.


Auto-wind loading according to NBCC 2015 now handles the dynamic procedure for open and rough terrain.



AS 4100-2020 steel frame design is now available.

Data Files


JGJ/T 483-2020 high-strength steel materials have been added to the Chinese material library.

Database Tables


Detailed data for a single database table row is now available.

Bug Fixes


Issues reported by users have been corrected.


Released 15-Feb-2023

Release Notes

Frame Design


A new crack-width (serviceability) design or check has been added to the Eurocode 2-2004 and Italian NTC 2008 codes. This feature is available for beam (M3) design and for the design or check of column reinforcement.


For concrete beam design code "Eurocode 2-2004", tan(theta) is optimized for DCM and DCL frames per EN 1998-1:2004 under seismic load.

Import and Export


Multiple improvements have been made to the import and export of IFC files.

Application Programming Interface (API)


Multiple enhancements have been made to the API, including improved documentation and examples for working with Python and IronPython.

Bug Fixes


Issues reported by users have been corrected.


Released 12-Oct-2022

Release Notes

Frame Design


The calculation of the C1, C2, and C3 factors has been improved, and more control has been provided, for the following codes and types of design:
  • Steel frame design per Eurocode 3-2005, Italian NTC 2008, and Italian NTC 2018
  • Cold-formed steel frame design per Eurocode 3 1-3 2006
  • Aluminum frame design per EN 1999:2007

Concrete Shell Design


Concrete shell design per Eurocode 2-2004 now includes a check for cracking in concrete and also the design of transverse shear reinforcement in accordance with Annex LL of Eurocode 1992-2:2005.

Structural Model


New and updated property libraries:
  • • New Indian frame-property library for steel sections
  • • Updated Chinese frame-property library
  • • New Canadian material-property library


Viscous dampers now support a fixed-length option to handle the change in stiffness due to inserting fixed-length devices into structural members of varying lengths.

Output and Display


Improved display of nonlinear hinge states and statuses.

Import and Export


Several enhancements have been made to the connection with Revit, including support for analytical links, structural column cardinal-point offsets, and the handling of vertical walls with sloping bases. These require the use of CSiXRevit 2023 with Revit 2023.

Application Programming Interface (API)


The Application Programming Interface (API) now offers more control for connecting to multiple instances of SAP2000, a new interface to simplify the development of plugins, and speed enhancements for external .NET clients.

Bug Fixes


Issues reported by users have been corrected.


Released 11-Mar-2022

Release Notes



The CSA A23.3-19 code has been added for concrete frame design.

The CSA S16-19 code has been added for steel frame design.


Concrete shell design per Eurocode 1992-1-1:2004 has been enhanced, including the ability to set design preferences and national annexes, improved iteration for determining the optimum amount of reinforcement, handling of variable-thickness shells, and the presentation of detailed results in tabular form.



Time-dependent behavior of concrete has been added for the AS3600-2018 code, including creep, shrinkage, and age-dependent stiffness.


The ability to enable/disabled the coupling between major bending, shear V2, and torsion is now available for channel and general sections.

23.3.0 | 23.3.1

Released 24-Sep-2021

Release Notes



Aluminum frame design has been added according to Eurocode 9.


Released 19-May-2021

Release Notes



Performance has been improved for models with frame elements in the presence of many load patterns. This includes speed increases in stiffness formation, event determination, and state-update operations. Nonlinear static, staged-construction, and nonlinear direct-integration time-history load cases will benefit the most.


The consistency of analysis results has been improved on Intel and AMD CPUs with an AVX2 instruction set, which includes most CPUs released in 2015 or later. This only affects sensitive or poorly conditioned models.



Aluminum frame design has been added according to the US 2020 Aluminum Design Manual. 

Database Tables


Performance improvements, by means of multi-threading, have been made for the recovery of results for frame hinge response tables.


Released 15-Mar-2021

Release Notes


SAP2000 v23.1.0 Enhancements Design

An improvement has been made to more accurately determine the braced segment end moments for steel frame design according to Eurocode 3, NTC 2008, and NTC 2018.

Application Programming Interface (API)

SAP2000 v23.1.0 Enhancements Application Programming Interface (API)

Improved performance and examples for remote API and COM clients.


Released 25-Jan-2021

Release Notes



Learn more about the latest enhancements in SAP2000 v23.0.0.


SAP2000 v23.0.0 Enhancements Analysis

  • Speed improvements made in the recovery of Element Nonlinear Energy by Group and Base Reactions tables for load cases with a large number of output steps.
  • Speed improvements made for nonlinear static, nonlinear multi-step static, and nonlinear direct-integration time-history cases using the advanced or multi-threaded solvers.


SAP2000 v23.0.0 Enhancements Design

Cold-formed frame design added according to Eurocode 3 1-3:2006.

SAP2000 v23.0.0 Enhancements Design 1

Concrete frame design added according to ACI 318-19.

SAP2000 v23.0.0 Enhancements Design 2

Concrete frame design for seismic beam/column capacity has been expanded to use enhanced moments.


SAP2000 v23.0.0 Enhancements Loading

Auto-seismic loading and response spectrum function added according to Vietnamese Standard TCVN 9386:2012.

SAP2000 v23.0.0 Enhancements Loading 1

Auto-wind loading, according to NBCC 2015, now handles the dynamic procedure for open and rough terrain.

SAP2000 v23.0.0 Enhancements Loading 2

Auto lateral loading has been added per the Korean KDS 41 17 00:2019 code, including seismic load and response-spectrum functions.

Structural Components

SAP2000 v23.0.0 Enhancements Structural Model

Improvements made to hinge acceptance criteria and status output.

Application Programming Interface (API)

SAP2000 v23.0.0 Enhancements Application Programming Interface (API)

Database tables can now be accessed via the API for both editing and display purposes.

Cloud Licensing

SAP2000 v23.0.0 Enhancements Cloud Licensing

Cloud-based licensing is now standard for SAP2000.

  1. • Cloud-based server requires no setup
  2. • Access licenses outside of company networks and VPNs
  3. • Share licenses between users (non-simultaneous)
  4. • Check-out a license to work offline
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