Maintenance Benefits

Maintenance Benefits

Maintenance covers free software upgrades and technical support during the maintenance term, which is typically one year. One year of maintenance is required with the purchase of each new software license and is optional thereafter. At the end of the first year, you will receive a renewal notice. While renewal is optional, most customers choose to keep their coverage active so that they may continue to receive free upgrades and technical support.

What happens if my maintenance expires?

Without active maintenance, you may still renew your license (for the version that you own) in perpetuity, so long as your hardware and operating systems support its use. However, you will not receive technical support or software upgrades. In the event that you wish to reinstate maintenance after it has lapsed, you will pay for all missed months. If a new version of the software has been released, maintenance cannot be reinstated and you will need to purchase an upgrade with new maintenance. If your software license is more than three versions old, you will not be able to upgrade it and you will need to purchase a new license, at full cost.

What kind of support resources are available to customers who do not have maintenance?

Various self-support resources are available, such as Watch & Learn Videos and the CSI Knowledge Base.

What products are covered?

Your renewal quotation (sent via email approximately 60 days prior to maintenance expiration) will specify the products to be covered. You may purchase maintenance separately for each product that you license, but you will receive the benefits of maintenance only for actively-covered licenses. Technical support is available only for current software versions.

How long will my products be covered by maintenance?

Maintenance is generally purchased on a yearly basis. Your dates of coverage will be specified on your quotation and can be verified by contacting CSI Sales or calling +1 510 649 2201.

Maintenance must be fully pre-paid at the beginning of each contract term. Please note that once purchased, Maintenance is non-refundable and non-cancelable.

Can’t I just purchase upgrades, instead of keeping my maintenance current?

If you do not keep maintenance current, you may pay for upgrades as they are released. However, this can be considerably more expensive than paying for maintenance. Furthermore, you cannot upgrade software that is more than three versions old. Once your software is more than three versions old, you must purchase the software at full cost if you wish to obtain the latest version.

CONDITIONS: Computers and Structures, Inc. reserves the right to change any of the terms of maintenance coverage at each renewal. Maintenance terms do not supersede or replace the terms of the Computers and Structures, Inc. End User Software License Agreement. All new versions of programs provided under the terms of maintenance are subject to the aforementioned License Agreement.