Dynamics of Structures

By Ray Clough & Joe Penzien

ISBN 978-0923907518

Now in its 2nd Edition (revised), this definitive textbook has been updated by the original authors to reflect advances in the field of structural dynamics for civil engineers. For more than 50 years, Drs. Clough and Penzien, Professors Emeritus at the University of California - Berkeley, dedicated their academic careers to improving the understanding of how structures behave when subjected to the forces of nature. At 700-pages, their book represents the culmination of their work and covers a wide range of topics suitable for advanced undergraduate and graduate students as well as practicing engineers. This essential earthquake engineering textbook covers both deterministic and stochastic (random) aspects of structural dynamics. It belongs on the bookshelf of every engineer and continues to be an extraordinary tool for those teaching structural dynamics as well as a timely reference for those in professional practice.

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